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It's so simple! We'll find you the lowest life insurance quote possible in Ontario for FREE, with no fees, no pressure and no obligation. We want to give you free Canadian life insurance quotes, why pay more than you have to?
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No Medical Life Insurance

If you want to protect your family, cover funeral expenses or debts with life insurance but are hesitant because you:

  • Don't want to take a medical exam
  • Think your too old
  • Won't qualify due to poor health
  • It will be too expensive

  • You can get non-medical life insurance with guaranteed premiums, immediate coverage, with a simple application for dollars a day.
    Call me your Ottawa Life Insurance Broker who can answer your questions and make sure you get the right coverage at the lowest price.

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    Current Rates

    • $250,000 20 year term life insurance for $21.33 a month.
      Male 35
      Non Smoker
    • $250,000 20 year term life insurance for $16.47 a month.
      Female 35
      Non Smoker
    • $250,000 20 year term life insurance for $48.69 a month.
      Male 45
      Non Smoker
    • $250,000 20 year term life insurance for $33.39 a month.
      Female 45
      Non Smoker
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    Provides permanent, life-time protection for your family at a level premium. Flexible premium options ...

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    Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance provide benefits while ...

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    NoMedical Exam

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    A wide selection of Core plans provide coverage for varying levels of drug and dental benefits, along with vision care, extended health care, travel insurance and more.

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    An Emergency Medical Plan that provides coverage for an unexpected medical emergency during your trip or an All-Inclusive Plan if your plans include pre-paid travel arrangements.

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    For Visitors to Canada you can choose: the level of coverage that’s right for you, optional Trip Interruption or Travel Accident Multi-Trip or Single-Trip plans.

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    Instant IssueCritical Illness

    The simple, affordable protection offered by the Lifecheque® Basic Critical Illness Plan provides financial security in the event that one of five covered illnesses or conditions is diagnosed.

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