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With our first-rate Ontario life insurance policies, you can rest assured that your family will be taken care of in the event of your death and you'll be able to pay off mortgages and other debts, as well as fund your children's education.

In the event of your death, improper financial planning could result in your family being faced with economic hardship, debts struggles and an inadequate income. We offer strong, reliable and affordable ways to protect your family's financial well-being after you're gone. Ontario life insurance plans pay a tax-free cash benefit to your beneficiaries and can assist with the following:

  • Maintain your family's current lifestyle and provide for their day-to-day expenses
  • Pay outstanding balances on your mortgage and other debts
  • Fund your children's education
  • Cover your final expenses, such as funeral costs and taxes
  • Set up an emergency fund for your family
  • Contribute to your favourite charity

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Life Insurance Options - Which One is Right For You?


The simplest and most affordable form of insurance for providing temporary, short-term protection for loved ones.
Ideal for: Debt Repayment, Income Replacement, Non-Income Earning Income and Replacement for Spouse.


Coverage that offers you the opportunity for tax-advantaged investing and tax sheltered wealth transfer to family members and or charities.
Ideal for: Estate Bond Concept, Insured Annuity, Cost Compare Concept, Split Dollar Concept, Wealth Transfer Strategy and Buy Sell Agreement.


Provides permanent, life-time protection for your family at a level premium. Flexible premium options gives you control over how long the premiums are payable.
Ideal for: Long Term Policy Growth for Child or Grandchild, Final Expenses, Insured Retirement Program (IRP), Tax Planning, Estate Preservation and Charitable Giving.


Guaranteed acceptance for affordable coverage, regardless of your health or medical history.
Ideal for: Final Expenses, Debt Repayment and Medical Expenses.